My Projects

Here is a list of projects I made

The states:

  • As-Is - project exists and might work, but I do not spend any worktime on it
  • Dropped - project is disabled but deployed, the domain is paid, and the codebase is preserved
  • Killed - project is wholly ended, including discard of the domain and possible discard of source code


A small tool I made over the weekend to generate forms from markdown-like syntax. It was built with dotnet + htmx.


The latest side-project that is worth being called a product. A tool to create QR online menu, feel it with generated images of food, and provide as a service for eatery visitors.

CreateOnlineMenu - Create a simple, fast, and efficient digital menu with QR link for your eatery.

The exciting tech challenge is incorporating LLM to parse menu scans and generate food pictures in different styles.


I build DotnetPrompt to give other dotnet developers and me the tool to work with LLM like OpenAI ChatGPT more efficiently. Because Microsoft released its version of the library SemanticKernel simultaneously, I pretty much lost interest in actively supporting it. Unfortunately, I lack the time or manpower to beat or even level them. I use my library myself, though, and update it based on my needs.

Talk2Bash [As-Is]

With the development of generative AI, I wonder how well it could solve such tedious tasks as creating bash commands with a text prompt. I created this simple bash application to test that and save me some hours. You could write in plain English what you want to do, and it will do its best to generate a one-liner bash command to fulfill your request.

FeedbackBots [As-Is]

Due to Telegram reaching 700 mil users, I decided to check my list of not-good-not-bad ideas and implement one: the easiest way to gather feedback - through a couple of chatbots. You could learn more at FeedbackBots website

i-sight stupid game [As-Is]

A small Blazor-built game - "find a different emoji". I built it to refresh my Blazor skills. For some people, it's kinda addictive, I believe. [Dropped] is an API-first telegram messenger chatbot engine. It's built from leftovers of my failed HR startup, where an original microservices was wrapped into Azure API Gateway. The engine is mature enough to support chatbots of any complexity and size, but it's 7 years old and API is not that great, and I really do not have the mental strength to either kill it or improve it.